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Britts Imperial presents online DBA program: Complete your degree in 3 Years and embark on a journey from seasoned professional to global corporate change-maker.

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American Imperial University in Florida is a leading institution known for its excellence in higher education. With cutting-edge programs aimed at sparking intellectual curiosity and professional development, the university is committed to transforming lives through high-quality academics.

What sets American Imperial University apart is its visionary approach, forming strategic global alliances to expand educational horizons. Through these partnerships, students can earn internationally recognized degrees and build a global network. Recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education (#12500), the university is authorized to grant degrees, meeting the standards set by the Commission for Independent Education.

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About Euclea Partnership

AIU and Euclea Partnership

The collaboration between American Imperial University (AIU) and Euclea Business School is a significant venture in higher education, particularly in business studies. AIU, known for its innovative teaching methods and globally recognized qualifications, positions itself as a leader in contemporary education. This partnership focuses on offering a distinctive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, emphasizing strategic leadership and global business practices.

AIU's modern and globally relevant learning experience, coupled with Euclea Business School's foundational M.Phil program, creates a comprehensive educational journey. The M.Phil program seamlessly leads into the DBA program, ensuring students receive a thorough education for academic excellence and professional mastery in business administration. This collaboration is uniquely beneficial for those aiming to excel in high-level business roles in an interconnected world.


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The DBA in Strategic Leadership at American Imperial University equips students with advanced skills for leadership excellence. Key outcomes include mastering strategic management, leadership theories, and global business dynamics. Emphasizing critical thinking and ethical decision-making, the program prepares graduates to lead with integrity and innovation. Through rigorous coursework and collaborative projects, students enhance communication and teamwork capabilities. Upon completion, DBA graduates emerge as strategic visionaries ready to drive organizational success and shape the future of business.

Learning Outcomes

Strategic Mastery

Develop advanced strategic management knowledge to gain a thorough understanding of organizational dynamics.

Leadership Excellence

Develop advanced leadership abilities that are transferable across sectors.

Global Business Insight

Gain skills in navigating international business environments and addressing difficult challenges with Global Business Insight.

Critical Decision-Making

Develop critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills for making strategic decisions.

Research Proficiency

Improve your research and analytical skills to contribute to your knowledge of business administration and strategic leadership.


Program Milestones

  • Dissertation Supervisor Assignment
  • Dissertation Topic Submission
  • Internal Dissertation Reviews
  • Dissertation Submission Deadline
  • Dissertation Defense

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Frequently Asked Question

The program focuses on developing advanced skills and knowledge in strategic leadership, preparing professionals for high-level roles in the global business landscape.
The curriculum integrates global business practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of international environments and strategic challenges.
Applicants should typically hold a relevant master's degree. However, exceptional candidates with extensive professional experience may be considered.
The DBA program at American Imperial University emphasizes both academic rigor and practical relevance, offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world application.
Euclea's M.Phil program seamlessly integrates with the DBA, providing a solid foundational knowledge base and ensuring a cohesive educational journey.
The program is designed with the flexibility to accommodate the schedules of working professionals, offering a balance between rigorous coursework and practical application in professional settings.
Graduates are well-equipped for leadership roles in various industries, including executive management, consulting, academia, and entrepreneurial ventures.
Yes, the program emphasizes research skills, and students are encouraged to conduct in-depth studies that contribute to the field of business administration and strategic leadership.

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Transform your career with a Dual seal of excellence

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